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• How much does it cost to do a driveway?
It depends on how much prep work needs to be done.

• When should I seal-coat?
Usually 1 year after being paved.

• How thick should it be for a car or a truck to drive on?
Small cars and trucks at least 2" and big trucks 3-4"

• Someone is here with leftover oil. Is it a good deal?
No, Always make sure you get a contract and make sure they are licensed and make sure they are from the area.

• Why is AAA Paving so much cheaper?
We don't have the overhead of larger companies.

• How soon before I can get the job done?
Usually within 3 to 4 weeks. Weather permitting.

• Is AAA Paving's work guaranteed?
Our asphalt jobs are guaranteed for 1 year.

• Do you have a contract?

• Do you live in the area?
We have lived in Rigby Idaho for 67 years.


• Is your sealer oil based? 

All sealer is oil based. We use the same product that is used all over the western United States, including the INL.

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